Remote Connectivity & Wide Area Networking

Like The World’s Longest Ethernet CableTM, Welbeck/IPTL brings all network applications to any remote location. Remote devices “think” they are on the LAN back at the office or data center even when connecting over the WAN.
Welbeck is a whole new approach to Wide Area Networking (WAN) using our unique secure LAN-to-LAN bridge over internet or cellular.
If it is in an Ethernet frame, we can move it reliably & securely end-to-end.
What does it mean to have a clear, transparent Layer 2 bridge over internet instead of a Layer 3 routed VPN like IPsec, PPTP or SSL?

  • Easier to set up, maintain and use
  • More secure
  • Lower latency
  • Extend all LAN resources & functionality
  • Less packet loss
  • Less jitter
  • Fewer fragmentation issues
  • Interoperable — no software client needed

Welbeck solves the problems of VOIP & Video over IP so you don’t have to pay high leased line charges just to make the VoIP & video work. With Welbeck you can confidently run VoIP & video & all your unified communications (UC) tools over low-cost internet.

  • Low latency
  • Low packet-loss
  • Integrated QOS prioritizes latency-sensitive traffic
  • Low jitter
  • Reduced fragmentation issues
  • UDP

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