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Welbeck Secure was formed in 2013 to provide assured connectivity for enterprise networks and IoT implementation with networking technologies developed by IP Technology Labs (IPTL). Welbeck’s technologies transform the WAN by connecting all network elements as if they were on the LAN – it’s like the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable ™.

Welbeck protects data in motion with high strength, low latency encryption and protects devices and networks with automatic device authentication and closed network groups – even over public internet and cellular.

Our products range from cost-effective compact physical gateways and internet access devices up to rack-mounted concentrators, virtual appliances and cloud instances. Our self-contained devices provide their own computing power and OS to run our suite of assured connectivity & security software — so that we can connect and protect even low-end/low power IoT devices such as PLCs, RTUs, unitaskers and legacy industrial sensing and control equipment (ICS).

Welbeck is U.S. owned and its proprietary software was developed in the U.S. with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. The company is based in the metro-Washington, DC area and benefits from its proximity to the federal Government and some of the United States’ most advanced cybersecurity experts and companies. Welbeck’s senior management and directors have worked with some of the country’s most advanced networking and cybersecurity companies, and through them with several DoD and civilian government agencies, including Akamai, Booz Allen Hamilton, DARPA, Hughes Network Services, IBM, Loral, and Nasdaq, and start-ups successfully acquired by HP, Motorola and IBM.

Welbeck Secure Solutions
Trying to make your VoIP system work? Need to connect a remote sensor or IP camera but there is no available wired connection? Losing sleep at night worrying about network security? Contact us. We can help

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