Data Center & Cloud

Welbeck enables full integration of cloud, on-prem and mobile resources. Because we operate at Layer 2, we make all network components across the WAN and in the cloud behave as if they are on your LAN.
  • High volume low latency encryption
  • Link bonding
  • Failover redundancy
  • Subnets and VLANs over internet without a problem

Whether you are running private, hybrid or public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Welbeck connects and protects your network resources and integrates the cloud just as if it was part of your LAN.


Premier Healthcare


We were approached by a medical payments processor that needed a reliable, secure solution to connect three data centers, two in New Jersey and a DR site in Phoenix, AZ. After Hurricane Sandy, both data centers in New Jersey went down, and users were unable to connect to the DR site because their VPNs were pointing to IP addresses in New Jersey.

Microsoft Azure Integration


Our customer needed to run network applications on-prem in a Azure cloud on a fully integrated basis. Welbeck provided a low cost, highly secure Layer 2 LAN-to-LAN Ethernet bridge.

Too often you put mission critical data and applications in the cloud to save money, only to find that you need to incur the significant cost of leased lines to access it reliably or to manage it. Not with Welbeck – we give you that Layer 2 connection over commodity internet or cellular.
Because we provide a Layer 2 bridge instead of a routed Layer 3 connection like a VPN, Welbeck is the ideal tool to integrate resources on-prem and in the cloud. We drop a virtual instance in the cloud and bridge the two together without having to know anything about the IP addressing scheme at the cloud end, and we connect every time – even if the IP address changes.

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