Manufacturing & Distribution

Welbeck solves the challenges of connecting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) tools across platforms and locations.
Welbeck is interoperable with existing equipment and interfaces, even if they are not internet-enabled.
High efficiency, low latency encrypted data communications wherever you need them.

Manufacturing & Distribution

For manufacturing and distribution ERP systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Welbeck provides a unique way to reliably and securely connect to modern computer network.

  • Wired internet, Wireless & Cellular
  • Welbeck is interoperable with legacy systems & proprietary protocols
  • Serial Ports? Not a problem
  • Not internet enabled? Not a problem

Use Welbeck with:

  • PLCs
  • RTUs
  • RS-485
  • RS-232


Cutlery Manufacturer


Our customer needed to connect their factory operations to their ERP applications running at their HQ data center thousands of miles away. Leased lines were prohibitively expensive but open internet took 20 minutes to download a file. We created a reliable, secure tunnel over the same internet link and took only a minute and a half to download the same ERP resources.

Warehouse Distributor


Our customer imports and distributes consumer products. They needed to connect their new warehouse to the ERP system running at their HQ data center. They had contracted with a carrier to provide a dedicated circuit but provisioning the circuit was five to six weeks behind schedule. Meanwhile the warehouse could not ship product without directions from the ERP system. Over a weekend Welbeck provisioned a 4G cellular link between the warehouse and the HQ and on Monday (and for several weeks thereafter) they were running their primary communications over the cellular link. After the carrier provisioned the dedicated circuit, our customer continued to use the Welbeck device to provide cellular back-up.

Welbeck connects and protects whatever devices, interfaces and transport protocols you are using. Welbeck is fully interoperable with most ICS and ERP applications, interfaces and protocols, so we provide reliable, high throughput connections over Ethernet, IP, RF, public internet and cellular — even for devices and applications that are not internet-enabled.
We provide high-level AES 256 encryption with very low overhead — so latency is not a problem. And by operating at Layer 2, we provide fast, efficient connections to any resources wherever they are located.

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