Welbeck solves the conflict between centralizing electronic health records (EHR) and providing fast, secure and cost-effective access to those records. We provide encryption of data in motion without significant latency so that you can use low-cost internet and cellular instead of expensive leased lines.
Protecting data in motion is a particular problem in healthcare because you are often working with very large files (MRIs, CT Scans, digitized X-Rays and pathology images) or applications that do not work well over the WAN (dictation apps and patient databases, for example). We solve all of those issues with high bandwidth, low latency encryption.

Connecting to Hospital EHR

Our customer, a regional hospital system with two dozen affiliated physician practices, needed to connect the practices to its EHR data center reliably, efficiently & cost effectively. We provided a high capacity encrypted link with very low latency.

Multi-Location Rehab Clinics

Our customer provides drug & alcohol rehabilitation services. They have a number of locations, including a large campus, outpatient clinics & teleworkers. They needed a reliable, cost effective & secure connectivity solution to handle sensitive patient information.


Compliance with HIPAA Requires the Protection of Sensitive Patient Information (PHI)

This includes the protection of “data in motion” such as transmissions over the internet, and generally requires that such data must be encrypted.
No MPLS leased lines are too expensive. Open internet is too insecure.
Welbeck is the Answer. Low Cost. Low Latency. Fully Encrypted.

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