Remote Monitoring & IoT

  • Secure two-way traffic flows without port forwarding
  • Low latency & high reliability
  • Interoperable with legacy equipment & interfaces
  • Carries data over IP, even from devices that are not internet-enabled.

Remote Monitoring

Welbeck provides tools for you to monitor & manage all remote appliances from a central site. Its like the World’s Longest Ethernet CableTM — the devices at a remote/customer site are logically on your network & you can manage them from your monitoring center just as if they were in the next room.

Internet of Things

Welbeck provides the reliable & secure connections that are essential for the Internet of Things — allowing data to pass rapidly between connected devices & cloud analytics.
We Connect & Protect Over:

  • Wired internet
  • WiFi
  • 3G/4G LTE
  • RF
  • TV Whitespace
  • Microwave Wireless


Alarm Central Monitoring

Fire alarm on the wall of shopping center.

Our customer, a large physical security company in Southern California, needed to access and manage alarms, DVRs and other security equipment located on client sites from their central monitoring station – without putting a port forwarding rule on client’s router.

Water Quality Monitoring

maintenance engineer checking technical data of heating system equipment in a boiler room

Our customer, a consortium of more than 30 municipal water authorities, installed sensors to monitor the quality of source water in the rivers that feed into their reservoirs. The sensors connect to sophisticated monitors and SCADA equipment that is not internet enabled. Nonetheless, we are able to poll the monitors every five minutes and push the data over internet or cellular every 15 minutes.

The Welbeck IoT Gateway provides the same assured connectivity and security for the Internet of Things that is already in use by Fortune 500 companies and others for enterprise networking. Our Ethernet-over-IP approach to connectivity is agnostic to the interface or protocol, enabling us to connect legacy machine-to-machine (M2M) systems that were not designed to use Internet Protocol at the transport layer.
Our proprietary technologies establish an encrypted (TLS v1.2, AES 256, available FIPS 140-2 compliant) tunnel end-to-end without a port-forward or other configuration on the remote router or firewall. Our approach to encryption uses very little bandwidth, allowing us to encrypt to AES 256 levels and higher without creating the kind of latency that can disrupt IoT applications over VPNs.

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