Retail & Hospitality

Every day you read about another hack of a major retail chain. Welbeck provides an essential component of your cybersecurity plan by providing reliable, secure connectivity with AES 256 encryption end-to-end.

  • Fully tested for PCI DSS 3.2
  • Avoids cost and delay of MPLS
  • Safe over internet and cellular

Multisite Hotel Company


Our customer owns and manages multiple Marriott and Hilton brand hotels. The management team is geographically dispersed and frequently travel to the hotel sites. The team was struggling to access centrally located data and resources like printers when using VPNs. We installed a Welbeck server at the central site and equipped each of the members of the team with small appliances that could be used anywhere — regardless of IP address. The CFO reported: “For remote users, it completely takes away all the frustration and lag time associated with VPN access”.

Retail Chain


We compared the cost of Welbeck over MPLS leased lines for a 155 store retail chain. Welbeck priced in the cost of redundant links (two ISP’s or wired internet and cellular) and included high level encryption (not included with MPLS) and significantly higher bandwidth. Welbeck projected savings over 5 years: $2.9 million.

The retail and hospitality industries face unique IT and cybersecurity challenges — and expenses. Multiple locations, multiple systems, PCI compliance, guest WiFi and franchise requirements add complexity and often result in multiple communications links, including expensive dedicated T-1 lines or other MPLS circuits or dedicated fiber.
Welbeck provides solutions — and cost savings — for many of these IT challenges. We provide reliable, resilient, encrypted connections over low cost internet and cellular to get data where it needs to be reliably and securely — including to and from stores, operator HQ, franchisor corporate office, card processor data center, and disaster recovery (DR) site.
A recent lab assessment of Welbeck’s IpTL technology concluded that: When IpTL is part of a PCI DSS 3.2 compliant system, the IpTL appliances will not detract from the security of the system, IpTL adds as to the security of the data in transit and protection of the PCI data.

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