Welbeck solves the conflict between protecting critical infrastructure with high-level encryption and avoiding latency. By running at Layer 2 — like the World’s Longest Ethernet CableTM — Welbeck provides AES 256 encryption without the high overheads and latency that you get with a routed Layer 3 connection like an IPsec VPN.
Whether you need a reliable, encrypted connection to comply with NERC CIP 5 or FIPS 140-2, or just need usable data in real time without session interruptions, Welbeck is the answer.


Welbeck provides the needed hardening of critical infrastructure with AES 256 encryption without burdensome latency. Welbeck is interoperable with legacy systems — even if they are not internet-enabled — and with modern & internet-enabled devices.
Welbeck is in use or has been evaluated for:
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Electric Power Generation & Distribution
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Communications infrastructure

Water Quality Monitoring


Our customer, a consortium of more than 30 municipal water authorities, installed sensors to monitor the quality of source water in the rivers that feed into their reservoirs. We poll the monitors every five minutes and push the data over public internet or cellular every 15 minutes, fully encrypted to AES 256.

Wireless Interoperability


We were approached by a major manufacturer of power generation and communications equipment. They needed an encryption solution that would harden RF transmissions to AES 256 standards for NERC CIP compliance, but without creating significant latency. We were able to do both — and keep sessions open without data loss even for intermittent and low-volume transmissions.

Welbeck’s approach to encryption provides high — level AES 256 encryption without sacrificing bandwidth. By contrast, an IPsec VPN running the same level of encryption will generally consume 15-16% of the available bandwidth for the encryption overheads. Welbeck avoids this “encryption tax” by running at Layer 2 instead of Layer 3 like a routed VPN, and by integrating compression to win back the bandwidth that is used for encryption.
Our Ethernet-over-IP (EOIP) approach to remote connectivity is agnostic to the interface or protocol, enabling Welbeck to connect legacy systems without replacing existing equipment. We work with any hardware, operating system or application.
We also solve the challenges of internet service quality with bandwidth optimization. Our integrated technologies overcome latency, packet loss, jitter and fragmentation issues that may render connections unreliable, whether you are dealing with large file transfers or low and slow data transmissions. If internet connections are not readily available, our 3G/4G cellular units provide secure access over existing cellular networks.

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