Welbeck’s LAN Virtualization & Secure Tunneling Appliances Now Available in FIPS 140-2 Versions

BETHESDA, MD (May 26, 2015)
Welbeck Secure Solutions (Welbeck), the leading provider of Trust-and-ControlTM technologies that extend full network functionality to any authorized location, user or device, today announced the availability of a line of FIPS 140-2 compliant versions of its commercially available network access appliances and encryptors.

“We are pleased to be able to make our technologies available to federal, state and local governments in the FIPS versions,” said Bob Smith, President and CEO of Welbeck. “FIPS compliance is often a requirement for government customers and contractors, and increasingly for regulated commercial entities such as electric utilities complying with NERC CIP 5.”

Welbeck products and virtual appliances provide always-on secure access to all local area network (LAN) resources from any location with reliable, secure end-to-end connectivity and remote out-of-band management. Welbeck extends Ethernet LANs over any Internet connection, including LANs that do not use Internet Protocol/IP as the network layer. Welbeck encryptors can be used with any existing network equipment and infrastructure (including RF and SATCOM) to provide AES 256 and higher encryption.

By extending all LAN functionality over any Ethernet or IP/Internet connection, Welbeck’s plug-and-play solutions enable enterprise, cloud, utility and government customers to create their own virtualized, secure and private networks with full positive control of all endpoints. Integrated management capabilities provide full operational, policy, and maintenance control of fielded appliances.

Recommended uses of the Welbeck solution include:

NextGen VPN and MPLS Replacement. Welbeck’s network extension technologies provide better security, functionality and reliability than VPN and MPLS for remote/mobile workers and multi-site enterprises, at significantly lower cost.

Secure Cloud Integration. As more and more data and applications migrate to the cloud, Welbeck provides secure, reliable and easy access and enables the integration of cloud resources with the network resources on the customer’s own premises.

Network Management.  Welbeck’s out-of-band management capability allows remote access to, and full positive control of, all fielded appliances, including the ability to allow/deny/divert network access.  This capability can enhance endpoint security and prevent network intrusion and the lateral spread of malware within a network.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Connections. Welbeck provides reliable secure connections for M2M and IoT applications such as IP cameras, SCADA monitors, access controls, alarms and industrial PLCs, even in remote locations where there are limited available communications links. The Welbeck solution does not require a software client on the M2M or IoT device.

About Welbeck Secure Solutions, LLC (www.welbecksecure.com)
Welbeck Secure Solutions is a leader in secure network communications over public and private IP networks. Welbeck provides integrated products and software that enable enterprises to connect and extend their local area networks (LAN) with Trust and Control TM. Welbeck solutions work with any device, running any OS or application over any IP/Ethernet connection – with full management visibility and positive control of all endpoints.

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