Cloud Management

In addition to managing Welbeck — connected devices “down the wire”, Welbeck provides an out-of-band cloud management capability. This allows access to the user interface of any Welbeck fielded device.
Welbeck provides cloud management as a service. Customers can also license cloud access or purchase a cloud server from Welbeck to manage devices themselves (or have a third party vendor or SI provide management).
Private or public cloud — you choose. Our management tools give you the power to monitor and manage all remotes:

  • Allow, deny, divert access
  • Configure and upgrade remotely
  • Full positive control of all endpoints
  • SNMP traps
  • Syslog
  • Solarwinds compatible
  • Save money on installation — no need for an IT technician on site
  • Save money on maintenance visits— manage remotely
  • Increase security of the customer’s network and data
  • Protect the integrity of the data and the monitoring system
  • Monitor health and performance of equipment on remote / customer sites.

Welbeck’s cloud management capability adds flexibility to setup, maintenance and management of Welbeck devices. You can reach any fielded Welbeck unit from any internet or cellular connection — reliably and securely.
Importantly, the cloud management capability provides out-of-band access to the user interface only — so it does not fight for bandwidth with the data path or violate the privacy and security of the data, which always runs securely end-to-end, never through the cloud.
The cloud management capability is offered as an option. It is not required for the set up or operation of your Welbeck units, and you can disable cloud access if you wish. Even without cloud access you can still manage your Welbeck units “down the wire” over our virtual Ethernet cable.

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