Easy Low-Cost Setup & Maintenance

As soon as the Welbeck appliance is connected to the Internet or 3G/4G, it connects automatically to its peer at your HQ, data center or monitoring center. Your team back at base can access it over the internet for all initial and subsequent configuration, upgrades and patch management.
Welbeck also maximizes the use of available bandwidth and minimizes the delays and interruptions that you would encounter with older VPN technologies like IPsec and SSL.
This will make your IT department, your finance department and all of your IT users – including your boss and your customers – very happy. This is a Good Thing.

Bandwidth Optimization

Welbeck solves the challenges of poor internet service quality. We overcome latency, packet loss, jitter and fragmentation issues that often render connections unreliable or even unusable. If internet connections are not readily available, we maximize the use of  bandwidth — even 3G/4G cellular units provide secure access over existing cell networks.

  • Compression (LZS) gives 0% to 32% gain
  • Traffic shaping
  • MTU mismatches are avoided
  • Blackholes are avoided
  • Applications don’t get dropped/hung data in transit
  • We control the fragmentation of packets on the wire to improve traffic which is real time (latency sensitive) in nature.
  • Welbeck resists transit errors that can kill a link
  • Low packet loss
  • Low jitter
  • Link bonding & load sharing
  • QOS to prioritize egress traffic based on DSCP/TOS
  • UDP
  • Low encryption overheads
  • Low latency

You can monitor and manage remote Welbeck units just as you would if they were connected via an Ethernet cable on your network. Integrated SNMP traps and syslog give you the tools to pull data into your existing management screens.
Integrated DHCP server and client, and DNS server and client on each unit provides maximum flexibility for network architecture and addressing. And — if you do want to set up a Layer 3 routed connection instead of a Layer 2 bridge, you can do that with the integrated router in every Welbeck unit.

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