Reliability & Redundancy

Welbeck has built-in failover redundancy capabilities to protect against a failure or interruption at any point in your communications.
We protect against: data center/server failover and link failure.
We provide: automatic Layer 2 connectivity from all remote endpoints to your redundant DR site in the event of an outage.
All of our products provide integrated fail-over redundancy & the capability to bond multiple links & load-share.
We also integrate Link Bonding & Load Sharing — so you can use multiple ISP connections. Wired, wireless or cellular.
Every remote Welbeck device has provision for you to program multiple servers — so that if your primary data center goes down, the remotes will automatically role to your secondary site, or to up to four sites in the order you designate.
Since we run at Layer 2, when failover occurs all remote endpoints automatically connect to the secondary site(s) — regardless of the change in IP address. There is no need to (re)establish a routed Layer 3 connection or VPN session.
We also provide link bonding and failover. So you can bond together multiple communications links or establish a failover order of preference. If one link (e.g. primary ISP or MPLS circuit) goes down, the Welbeck device will automatically send the traffic over the designated secondary link (e.g. secondary ISP or cellular). When the primary link is available again, the Welbeck device will “fail back”.

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